Super – pre 30 June 2017

With the significant changes to superannuation coming into effect from 1 July 2017, there are a number of issues to consider before 30 June 2017.  Depending on your personal situation, one or more of the following need to be reviewed before 30 June 2017:-

  • superannuation contributions – the contribution cap levels are reducing on 1 July 2017, hence there is an opportunity before 30 June 2017 to make contributions into super based on the current larger contribution cap levels;
  • $1.6mil pension cap – if this affects you, a number of steps need to be taken before 30 June 2017.  In most circumstances, an important CGT cost base concession is available, but it must be addressed before 30 June 2017;
  • transition to retirement income streams (TRIS pensions) – the earnings in a TRIS become taxable from 1 July 2017.  Hence, if you are in a TRIS, please contact us to discuss.

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